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last updated 4/14/16
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Fun and Games
Cut the Knot – A fun site filled with mathematical curiosities.  A lot of great articles, but be warned that the site is heavily dependent on Java.

Project Euler – A bunch of great computational math problems.  They get hard real quick.

Math StackExchange – There’s a lot of really technical stuff here, but if you sort by popularity they explore a lot of really interesting and accessible questions.  It’s extremely interesting to see a variety of viewpoints on different mathematical topics.

Bees & Bombs – Perhaps my favorite ‘artist’ in the world.  The artist creates short animated gifs that are incredible.

Euclid’s the Elements – THE book on geometry for the last couple millennia, now in digital form with commentary.  Highly recommended site to anyone interested in geometry and proof.

The Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences – Because sometimes you just want to know what number comes next.

Jaap’s Puzzle Page – A site dedicated to twisty puzzles.  He includes solutions to most any puzzle you’ve ever seen and often a mathematical discussion about how the puzzle operates.